You decided that Salesforce is your CRM software! Great choice! Salesforce is the leading system in the CRM market and is the world’s largest platform. They have created an evolving ecosystem with smart functionalities and incredible benefits and for users. This flexible cloud system is easy to use, and customizable to meet your organizational needs.

Now the most important part—choosing a Salesforce consultant and implementation partner. This might seem like an easy task. You may have the mind-set that it’s more economical to take a do-it-yourself approach for the Salesforce implementation. However, it doesn’t always pay off to try and cut initial implementation costs. On the flip side, it could cost you considerably more time and money if you take a do-it-yourself approach.

Salesforce is a large and evolving platform. It’s more than just a customer relationship management system and has a variety of nuances. For these reasons we are providing a number of recommended ideas when implementing your Salesforce CRM system.

A successful implementation starts by selecting the right Salesforce consulting partner. This will make your life a while lot easier. When selecting a Salesforce partner for your business we have a few ideas and key points to consider.


The majority of Salesforce consulting partners say they have ‘specialized or certified’ team members. That is not always entirely true. There are several basic and advanced certifications that Salesforce conducts for administrators, developers, and consultants. Each year, Salesforce requires members to pass 3 exams. This allows them to keep their title and keeps them up-to-date on the latest technology and changes.

Therefore it is essential to verify that your consultants understand the core technology , that they are Salesforce certified, and they are proficient in the latest Salesforce advancements.


When determining the value and strength of a partner make sure to look at their implementation experience. Look at how many Salesforce projects they have done in the past…and how many have been successful. Look at how they determine success. How old is the company and of the projects they have done. Also look at recent projects – you want to make sure they are doing well currently in the market.

The next step is finding out what clients are saying about them? Take a look at customer reviews. This is a great way to measure the past performance of a vendor and determine their reliability. When you do your research look for positive and negative comments. Find out what organizations and clients are saying about the experience and what the partner did to ‘fix’ bad situations. Remember it’s about quality (not quantity) when it comes to a partner doing a successful Salesforce implementation.

Your implementation can be the absolute best experience or the most stressful experience. Make sure you spend time in this area and evaluate the potential partner.


Make sure to look for a Salesforce partner who has a deep understanding of your specific domain, industry, and who has done this type of work. Verify that the partner fits your industry mold and has experience which will help reduce timelines and increase your chance of having a successful Salesforce implementation. A partner with industry experience can easily suggest changes, integrations, and needed CRM customizations. A Salesforce CRM implementation is a combined effort. Having a Salesforce partner who understands your business needs will make it much easier for working with your teams. Find out the process of how the implementation will take place. What are the milestones and accomplishment of the implementation. Most important you need that trust in a partner to move the project along.
You’ve made the decision to implement Salesforce in your organization. Now comes the time to outline the details, budget, and producing a solid roadmap. Make sure you properly estimate your costs of the implementation, integration, and training. Overhead costs need to be taken into consideration. These costs could include items such as consulting fees, licensing, support, service costs, etc.

At first, the initial Salesforce implementation costs might seem high. Yet, once implemented, Salesforce will bring a greater return on investment to your business. That’s why selecting the ideal Salesforce partner is VERY important. A Salesforce partner can help you determine and outline your budget. They can help you carry out the implementation efficiently and within a reasonable budget and timeline.


Your Salesforce investment is a long-term business strategy. You are looking for an improved way to generate leads, nurture leads, and have a positive organizational change. A successful Salesforce implementation also needs ongoing training and support. Many aspects are important when it comes to post implementation.

Post implementation includes the maintenance of the CRM system, technical or admin support, and your ongoing system upgrades. We advise to select a Salesforce partner (such as IEXEN) that is available as a long-term solution. Someone that can help you in many areas of support and post implementation.


IEXEN is your premier Salesforce consultant and implementation partner. Contact us today to find out more about Salesforce and out experience with successful implementations. Let us put together a technology roadmap based on the individual needs of your organization. Together we can lock arms and strategizes on efficiencies and processes that work in the way that you do business.