Digital transformation and change management complement each other. How?

Many professionals are adverse to changes in the field of technology. It is important that these agents of change adapt to it, since they are the ones that will help the university in the proper procedure to redefine the way of their functioning, communication and work.

Students of these new generations expect universities to offer a fast and personalized service. For this reason, institutions must take advantage of the opportunities presented by our digital age to offer a service focused on their students.

The basic functions that the service must fulfill according to the demands of the students are the following:

First of all, universities must seek more agility in admissions management, connecting the applications and personalized functionalities necessary to optimize and automate the process of student recruitment and registration. In second place, it is important that institutions have a clear view of the data (grades, courses, exams, scholarships, among others) of the students. It is an effective way to capture relevant and updated information from the profiles. Data helps identify the best potential students and shape programs for maximum impact.

In third place, they turn to new technologies to expand and improve the services provided; from the incorporation of chatbots to digital forms. This is a necessary change to increase competitive advantage on a tight budget. Lastly, students expect universities to personalize their communications, that is, institutions must address students through their own channels; mobile phones and social networks or even through events. New technologies are the future and universities must adapt to them. It is time to explore new ways to attract, retain and attract the right students. 

At Iexen, we are here to help. We believe that technology is the most powerful equalizer in our time, it gives us data, knowledge and above all, connections. We know that each educational center has its own challenges and our experts are ready to address your needs and help find the best technological solution for you.

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