Marketing Cloud is a Salesforce Marketing Platform, which provides multiple tools, which allow you to efficiently manage your company’s interaction with the customer through multiple channels in real time.
What are its benefits?

Thanks to Salesforce technology, the platform is managed in a more efficient and effective way. The tools provided by Marketing Cloud, provide solutions that allow creating customer experiences through multiple channels (push notifications, email, ads, social, among others) giving the right moments of interaction with the customer in the right channel and in this way increase the capture of leads and sales.

To plan, analyze, monitor and make decisions in real time, the Marketing Cloud is the best platform.


How will Marketing Cloud help your company?

Increase engagement:

With Email Studio and Social Studio tools, companies will be able to increase the level of customer loyalty, creating highly personalized email campaigns and generating marketing actions.

Get personalized experiences and automation:

With Journey Builder tool, companies will be able to see real-time outlook of the actions that their clients carry out with the company according to their needs, through any type of channel.

Measure the impact of the actions carried out:

With the Analytics Builder tool, you will obtain a wide range of reports on the marketing actions carried out in the Marketing Cloud. You can track the behavior of your customers with your company, on the scope of your campaigns, etc. This will help you to obtain specific reports with high quality information, managing to improve the actions and increase the profitability of the company.



The Contact Builder tool will allow companies to have a 360 vision of their clients. By obtaining this complete view (all the actions that each client carries out with the company), they will be able to carry out high-quality segmentations and reuse them in Journey Builder.

Who is it for?

To companies that want to improve the experience of their clients and increase their sales. Therefore, in order to be successful, you must have permanent contact with the client in real time through various communication channels, overcoming the strategies and traditional methods of these times. That is why many companies decide to work with Marketing Cloud.

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