We will do the implementation right— the first time. Never leave an implementation up to chance.
Salesforce is large, and ever-evolving platform. Figuring out where to being the implementation can be a challenge. Fortunately, you have a partner that has been down that path. We have years of combined Salesforce CRM experience in a variety of industries. IEXEN is here to fill the gaps and handle all the heavy lifting when it comes to your Salesforce implementation. This approach allows you to focus on what’s matters most—running your business and creating unique customer experiences.


YOU NEED TO START WITH THE END-IN-MIND. IEXEN works closely with your organization to define a clear vision, and best practices to drive a digital transformation. We help you outline your desired project outcomes that will ensure our teams are pulling the same direction.

Remember to start with the end-in-mind and have a clear vision of your destination. This is the number one suggestion when it comes to having a successful Salesforce implementation. We have a journey-map evaluation process that helps your organization look over your people, processes, and goals. The journey-map will help you set up realistic outcomes of success. Once we’ve agreed on the organizational goals we then focus on how diligently achieve those action items. Our end goal is to empower your organization with tools and processes that will delight your customers and employees.

MAKE THE MOST OF SALESFORCE. We have been doing implementations of Salesforce for a long time We know how to get the most value out of each Salesforce license. Every Salesforce license is important and you want to make sure they are being used properly. Our team will help you evaluate, configure, and customize your investment to make sure you get the right mix of license usage.

Your implementation can be the absolute best experience or the most stressful experience. Make sure you spend time in this area and evaluate the potential partner.

Success is achieved by collaborating with your team and finding out how your work flow will produce best results. We look at Salesforce out-of-the-box features, custom-built components (if needed), or solutions we can tap into on AppExchange. In short, we have been down this path and will help you get the most out of your licensing and salesforce investment.

SALESFORCE USER ADOPTION. We take a unique approach to user adoption that generates enthusiasm and empowers your team to perform at a highest level. Your people work in different ways. Salesforce brings those individual talents together and helps them have a cohesive system. Yet, the system is only as good as thepeople who are using it.

We hear of ineffective trainings and roll-outs all the time… this result in a low user adoption. This is why IEXEN approaches Salesforce user adoption in a different way. We have a user strategy that is focused on working within your organizational culture. We provide training that is tailored to how you do business and regularly evaluate the adoption analytics of the Salesforce instance.

SALESFORCE GOALS THAT PRODUCE RESULTS. Project goals are at the heart of our Salesforce implementations. We set up clear timelines and milestones to compliment the goals and motivate project teams to execute the tasks effectively. Our reputation for successful implementations help to drive your organizational vision and make it a reality. We have it deeply rooted in our culture to be transparent and communicate with the highest level of quality. For these reasons and more we have your best interest at heart and our end goal is making you successful and produce results.



System Administrators:

  • Supports business process mapping
  • Configures Salesforce
  • Trains and supports end users

Business Process Owner:

  • Intimate knowledge/understanding of sales process steps
  • Maps process steps to Salesforce
  • Design validation and testing


Data Analyst

  • Intimate knowledge of current data
  • Owns data mapping and consolidation strategy in Salesforce.


  • Passionate about Salesforce implementation
  • Ensures Salesforce is meeting end user needs and drives adoption.

Executive Sponsor

  • Articulates the value and encourages adoption
  • Communicates the strategy.


  • We provide the fastest path to success. As your certified Salesforce partner, IEXEN has the skills and resources to get you up and running quickly
  • IEXEN has deep industry and product expertise
  • We are flexible. We find out your custom needs and tailor the engagement to fit your requirements.
  • We assist with building the strategy. Together we gather business requirements. We implement trainings, train the trainer, and documentation.
  • We give you ideas and the ability of
  • IEXEN has a network of resources and we can collaborate with other specialty partners as needed.
Success story:

  • 1 customer that chose to self-implement but chose to hire a certified consultant for a fix 20hs.
  • The customer use that time to have the consultant validate processes, designs, and train the administrator on how to implement and configure on some of the more difficult tasks.