Human Resources Vision

At IEXEN we are a company with an entrepreneurial spirit and we love to think big.

We believe in the value of the collaborators; each worker is the protagonist of their development of opportunities, growth and expansion.

That is why our approach is based on seeking professional excellence without neglecting the interests of our employees, for this we provide constant training to our people, achieving high levels of permanence, motivation, inspiration and creativity.

The culture of IEXEN

  • Human resources processes are based on ethical principles, we have career plans, performance evaluations, training, and well-established selection processes. We are interested in recruiting talents from outside the company, but we also use internal selection processes to always promote our people and in this way ensure the growth of each worker.
  • We are excited to empower our collaborators, who have a level of autonomy to carry out challenging projects.
  • We believe in the power of a good work environment, we promote and encourage a pleasant climate based on fellowship, good practices and the exchange of knowledge.
  • We have an infrastructure that allows us to organize recreational activities to promote integration.
  • We generate close links, thus achieving a space for fluid participation and dialogue. We are interested in generating interpersonal links between the different hierarchical positions, maintaining a good relationship and in this way being able to generate links of trust and direct communication.
  • We love to recognize the good work and that is why we have a list of benefits to continue fostering the innovative and enterprising spirit that we seek.
  • We work to promote an inclusive culture, valuing different qualities and perspectives; we seek equity at all times.
We invite you to be part of our team and start living a great experience!
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